Thomas Burchfield


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Call him Dracula.

Conqueror by moonlight, bringer of storms, terrorist ruler of our dream world, Dracula has haunted the souls of readers and moviegoers for over a century, a monster for all seasons. Now, in a new adaptation originally conjured for the screen, the King of the Vampires becomes an avatar of untrammeled freedom and absolute supernatural power: a Superman of Evil.

Closely following Bram Stoker’s classic novel, but spinning its own dark and special magic, Dracula: Endless Night follows his ruthless quest for blood and power, stretching from the wilds of central Europe to the stormy coastline of Victorian England. Standing against him are the very human souls who, while locked in desperate battle with the Vampire King, struggle against their own sins and temptations. For while they stare into the monster's visage, they find themselves staring back.

Will they end Dracula’s reign of terror? Or will they become prisoners of his evil dream world? Thomas Burchfield, the author of Dragon’s Ark, returns with another ripping tale of one of the great myths of human civilization, in a version that takes us into Dracula’s heart of darkness, into its endless night.
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