Steve Randazzo

Brand Experiences

Thanks to the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever for brands to target large groups of consumers with marketing messages.
That's the good news.
Here's the bad news: It is nearly impossible for brands to stand out in the digital arena. While content may be king, the online kingdom is overly crowded. Consumers are inundated with advertisements every time they log on to their computers — and those that slip through ad blockers tend to get “skipped” or flat-out ignored, depending on the medium.
With this being the reality, it has never been more important for brands to provide consumers with engaging, emotionally stimulating experiences they will not want to avoid — and science proves that experiential marketing holds the ticket to achieving this goal.
In this book, Steve Randazzo, president and CEO of Pro Motion Inc., uses his 30 years of experience to explain why and how — today more than ever — companies need to educate, inform, and inspire their target audiences through experiential marketing.
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Pro Motion Inc., Paiphen Publishing



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    79 percent of attendees who receive swag say they would consider purchasing products from the associated company in the future
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    According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association9, 87 percent of event attendees keep the swag they receive for at least one year
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    By turning the pitch into a game

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