A Beginner's Guide to Marathon Training (Running, Training, Fitness), Jasmine Evans
Jasmine Evans

A Beginner's Guide to Marathon Training (Running, Training, Fitness)

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So, you want to run a marathon?

Everyone who makes the decision to run a marathon has their own reasons. Maybe you want to train for a particular race. Or maybe you want to lose weight. Or perhaps you just want to try a new form of exercise. Or, or, or…the list goes on and on.

If you are a beginner and you have made the lofty decision to train to run a marathon, then this is the guide for you. Are you a beginner? For this guide, if you cannot yet run for 30 minutes straight, you are a beginner. If you cannot run 30 minutes or cannot run for just 10 minutes, don’t worry, you will get there soon. This guide will also be helpful for people who are in shape but do not run. For instance, if you have been doing martial arts for years, consider yourself physically fit, and do not run, you can still benefit from this guide.

Running can have all sorts of benefits. One of the most common benefits is the possibility of weight loss. Combined with healthy eating, running is a great way to lose excess body fat.


Jasmine Evans is a graduate of Princeton University who has been writing fiction and nonfiction on and off since the 8th grade. At Princeton, she majored in Sociology and minored in African-American Studies. She currently writes for two blogs--one about education and the other about job hunting. For fun, Jasmine likes to read, exercise, and play with her bunny Penelope.


There are all kinds of fancy gadgets out there for runners. From devices that go in your shoe to track your movements to running pants with reflectors on them for those who run at night, there are so many things you could buy that it can be a little overwhelming.

The most important piece of running equipment you buy are the shoes. Beat up shoes you pull from the back of your closet will not work. Tennis shoes or shoes made for fashion will not work either. You need a good pair of running shoes that will support your feet and ankles. (Active.com, Basic Gear for a Beginning Runner)

It is also not as simple as going to your nearest shoe store and picking out the prettiest running shoe. There are three different kinds of running shoes…

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