Barbara Ann Kipfer

Instant Karma

An inspiring list of ways to be a better person—and make the world a better place—from the author of 5,203 Things to Do Instead of Looking at Your Phone.
Using the wisdom of the East to instruct and inspire, Instant Karma is a universe of things you can do, right now, to accumulate good karma. And, like pennies going into a piggy bank, each is a seemingly little thing—but feed the bank day after day and feel it grow richer and happier.
Created by Barbara Ann Kipfer, the author of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About and other wildly popular titles, Instant Karma is a compulsive, densely packed little book of suggestions, wishes, thoughts, and the occasional heartening quotation.
Line after line, page after page, mesmerizing to read and filled with inspiration, it is the best kind of call to action—good for others, and good for you!
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    ■ only love dispels hate
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    Many of the entries will speak to you today; others will ring true years from now.
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    sowing good seeds that will yield positive results.
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