Laura Lovecraft

Forbidden Fruit

Mother son confessions is a unique series featuring five very special couples. Five loving mothers living in sin with their lusty sons get together for a weekend and share their stories and sexy adventures. Each book will include five hot encounters featuring each sexy mom and her adoring son. Book one introduces these five hot couples for whom no fruit is truly forbidden!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Rebecca turned and bent over to pick up her robe. Before she did she grabbed her ankles. Feeling her muscles stretch, she grinned; dancing since she was a child had left her with impressive flexibility and she had put it to good use over the years, especially the last few months.

She straightened and had just slipped the robe on when her bedroom door opened.

“Hey, baby,” She turned and opened the robe, flashing her breasts, “I was going to start without…” She stopped when she saw it was Derek, not her husband, entering the room.

“Goddamn.” Derek laughed, “Bet all my friend’s moms greet them like that.”

“I thought you were your dad.” Rebecca closed the robe, but not before she took a moment to enjoy the look of lust on his face.

The fact he still had that look after how many times they had been together gave her a nasty little thrill. But tonight was David’s night; Derek would have her all weekend. Besides Rebecca was at a point she felt she needed to start denying him a little more often, especially seeing he wasn’t upholding their deal.

“Did you now?” He winked, “That the game tonight, mom? Going to pretend to be upset you flashed me and you don’t like showing off for your son?”

He entered the room, closing the door behind him and walked up to her. He glanced down at the suitcase and smiled at the purple corset on top of it.

“I like that one! Love those easy access panties.”

“And you’ll have plenty of time to love them from tomorrow until Monday.” She quickly flipped the suitcase closed so he wouldn’t snoop and see the one she bought for him then tied her robe, noticing him frowning as she did so.

. “But tonight’s for your dad.” She winked, “But as of tomorrow I’m all yours for three days, baby.”

“I’m really excited about it, mom.” He told her, a slight smile playing across his lips as he lowered his head, pointedly staring downward.

He was dressed in a pair of gray sweat pants and even in the loose fitting pants; his bulge was obvious. In addition to being bare-chested, he was barefoot and obviously not wearing underwear. He had come in here with every intention to have sex with her. Again the feeling he was getting a little too comfortable nagged at her.

Yet at the same time, that wanton side of her, wasn’t in a hurry to tell him to leave. Derek looked damn good. His sandy brown hair was wet and she saw a few drops of water on his shoulders and chest showing he had just gotten out of the shower, a look she loved and knew damn well he was aware of that.

Derek had the same large, soulful brown eyes and big wide smile of his father, but her softer features. The combination gave him an attractive, sweet, boy next door look, that with his laid back personality and quick sense of humor; he lived up to. But when they were together, Derek wasn’t always so sweet. Many times he was, but on certain nights he took her as if she were a cheap whore.

It was only because she allowed it and played along with it, but being forcefully taken by her son gave her a thrill most women would say was sick, but had they ever tried it? Her eyes roamed over his upper body and she had to stop from licking her lips at the sight before her.

Like David, Derek was a large man. Slightly over six feet, his broad shoulders and chest complimented the well muscled arms he’d built up the last couple of years working out at the gym and wrestling for school.

Rebecca enjoyed wrestling with him and felt her body responding to the thought of just dropping to her knees, pulling his pants down and…No. Rules, they needed to have rules.
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