Daddy's Seductive Virgin

Sabrina is the most stunningly beautiful girl Tom has ever seen, and his lust for her is overpowering. There’s just one little problem…she’s also his sexy teenage stepdaughter! But Sabrina has been hiding a secret of her own. She wants her seriously built stepdaddy to be her first and only lover, and she’s not going to stop seducing him until he gives in!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Brie.” His voice was a husky rasp. Every single day since she’d arrived, he’d watched her from the shadows, and panted and moaned in the privacy of his own bedroom. Why on earth had he been so rash today, and risked watching her from the main floor?

And not just watching…but touching himself, stroking himself, risking everything from getting caught to alienating the one person he wanted more than life itself!

Slowly she rose from the wide lounger. Sunlight shimmered on her naked body before she reached for a wispy scrap of ivory silk, and slid it around her shoulders. “I thought you’d gone to mow Mr. McCarthy’s yard.”

“That’s tomorrow.” His voice was still strained and breathless. Desperately he struggled to bring it back under control.

If only the rest of his body would cooperate as easily! He was still rock-hard, even after the force of his orgasm had nearly brought him to his knees. Belatedly he realized that he was still clutching his long curving shaft like a drowning man. Heat flushed his tanned cheeks as he forced himself to let go, and tried to tug his faded shorts down to cover it.

Brie’s dark eyes sparkled with suppressed laughter as he failed miserably, and it jutted right back out. “That’s a losing battle if I ever saw one,” she grinned. “And a little late, don’t you think, at this point?”

“I just need to, uh…” Dig a hole and bury myself forever! He stuttered a few times, then spread both hands wide in defeat. She was right. It was too late to pretend that he hadn’t been feverishly beating off, and she hadn’t caught him literally red-handed. “I didn’t mean for you to see…”

“No?” Impishly she ran her tongue along her bottom lip, and took another step closer. The sheer silk wrapper revealed more than it hid. The deep crevice between her lush breasts looked shadowed and mysterious, and there was no mistaking her arousal as he breathed in her sweet, musky scent. “Did it ever occur to you that it’s not one-sided? I want you just as much as you obviously want me!”

“Brie.” Air was clogging up in his lungs, and his heart was thundering in his chest. “We can’t…”

Shaken, he turned and laid his forehead against the cool door frame. “God, I can’t believe this is happening.” Despite his best efforts to will it into submission, his rigid shaft eagerly bounced up and down. “I’m not supposed to want you. And you sure as hell are not supposed to want me!”

“And yet,” she concluded with a fatalistic shrug. “Why do you think I’ve said no to every man who’s wanted to seduce me?”

“You’ve… You what?” He spun back around to gape at her in stunned disbelief.

“I’ve said no.” Her smile was sweet and innocent, and as wise and ageless as Eve. “You’re the only man I’ve ever wanted.”
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Boruma Publishing, LLC
Moira Nelligar



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