Virginia Woolf

Woolf Short Stories

A collection of stories by British writer Virginia Woolf: The Mark on the Wall, Kew Gardens, Solid Objects, An Unwritten Novel, A Haunted House, Monday or Tuesday, The String Quartet, Society, Blue and Green, In the Orchard, Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street, A Woman’s College From Outside, The New Dress, Moments of Being, The Lady in the Looking-Glass, The Shooting Party, The Duchess and The Jeweller, Lappin and Lappinova, The Man Who Loved His Kind, The Searchlight, The Legacy, Together and Apart, A Summing Up.
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    Perhaps it was the middle of January in the present that I first looked up and saw the mark on the wall.
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    the three chrysanthemums in the round glass bowl on the mantelpiece. Y
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    and habits-like the habit of sitting all together in one room until a certain hour, although nobody liked it

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