Derek Swannson

Crash Gordon and the Illuminati Underground

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YALDABAOTH HAS A PROBLEM: a pesky author named Derek Swannson has been writing books that veer too close to the truth about the Lord of the Illuminati’s underground activities on Earth.
Intent on destroying Swannson’s reputation by fueling his gonzo appetites with the rewards of American capitalism, Yaldabaoth enlists the help of Jeb Beezos, the CEO of Glamazon—a global Internet juggernaut that’s made Beezos one of the world’s richest men—and Conye Best, a superstar rapper who happens to be married to the world’s most famous reality TV star, Limn Lardassian.
What follows is a parody of an increasingly totalitarian society that’s already on the verge of parodying itself—a skewering of the dark side of American pop culture and the Deep State’s pathocratic agenda that’s darkly funny because it’s so deeply true. Crash Gordon and the Illuminati Underground combines political satire, paranormal romance, surrealistic fantasy, and slapstick humor into a remarkably entertaining and unforgettable story that will forever change the way you think about the extremes of fame, wealth, and power.
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