On 1984, James Daley
James Daley

On 1984

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Fake news, manufactured paranoia, and an encroaching totalitarian state. Have we arrived in 1984?
George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984, was written as a warning for democracies to be on guard against the signs of fascism and totalitarianism. At the time, readers believed those dark days were relegated to history. But these days, the United States is displaying all the signs of the Orwellian nightmare.
President Donald Trump presides over a drastically divided nation. While some believe his tweets and alternative facts, a large portion of the populace is struggling to resist his administration’s relentless onslaught against our democracy.
Both chilling and hopeful, On 1984 offers a broad range of quotations that are as resonant today as they were in Orwell’s times. Editor James Daley introduces the volume and organizes the quotes in sections that reflect our troubled times:
Fake News and Alternative FactsBad HombresDraining the SwampOrder and StrengthResistance
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