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The Copywriting Sourcebook. How to write better copy, faster – for everything from ads to websites

It’s OK knowing the theory, but when it’s 9am and you have just been given until lunchtime to write some copy for a new sales email, landing page, press ad or brochure, what you really need is a shortcut. This book takes the grind out of planning and writing almost any type of copy by providing step-by-step advice on the best layouts, approaches and styles to suit everything from an email subject line to recruitment ad, direct mail letter or website. Prepared by one of the best copywriters in the B2B sector, this book also provides the reader with templates for 13 of the most common copywriting tasks for maximum effectiveness and speed.
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    Svetlana Sobchukцитирует2 года назад
    . Saves them money when they buy their next new car.

    Step three: change ‘them’ and ‘they’ to ‘you’ (and tweak the rest as necessary)

    E.g. Save money when you buy your next new car.

    Step four: Add ‘NOW: an easy way to’ at the beginning.

    E.g. NOW: an easy way to save money when you buy your next new car.
    Svetlana Sobchukцитирует2 года назад
    Step one: Complete this sentence: My product helps my customers because it...

    E.g. My product helps my customers because it saves them money when they buy their next new car.

    Step two: Cut everything up to and including ‘it’.
    Svetlana Sobchukцитирует2 года назад
    Try to keep your headlines as short as you can. Under 16 words is good. Ten is better.

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