Bare, Susan Hyatt
Susan Hyatt


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Get ready to shed everything that’s weighing you down, treat your body like a beloved friend, and seize each day like you mean it!

You are more than your body; you are a badass, whole woman with big dreams, big feelings, and big potential—but right now, you're also physically bigger than you want to be. What are you hiding behind that shield of overeating? Who do you want to be when you put down the shield and take on life's battles Bare?

Once you finally drop the shield, you naturally drop the weight.

In her second book, Bare, Susan Hyatt presents a badass, feminist approach to transforming your body and your life. Inside this book, you’ll learn:

How to treat your body with care, love, and respect—not hateful criticism.
How to shed everything that’s weighing you down, physically and mentally.
How to de-stress at the end of the day without relying on excessive food, alcohol, Netflix binging, and other habits that clog up your mind and drain your energy.

How to stop obsessing about your body and focus on the priorities that really matter in life—like rocking your career, writing your novel, learning a foreign language, contributing to your community, or otherwise leaving your legacy.

Bare is a must-read book if you want to take excellent care of yourself, upgrade your mental and physical health, build confidence, conquer your goals, crush the patriarchy, and look and feel damn good doing it.

Bare is not a weight-loss plan. It's a life-gain plan.
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Smart Pop, BenBella Books, Inc.
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what would feel like love right now?”
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Currently, I am pretty exhausted, which makes the entire prospect feel pretty overwhelming. But that’s not going to be my situation forever. Over the next seven weeks, I am going to strip unnecessary B.S. out of my life. I am going to feel lighter, physically and emotionally. I am going to feel my power returning to me—like back when I was a little kid, back when I believed that I could do anything. As the weeks roll by, I am going to feel unstoppable. I’m not there yet, but I’m heading in that direction. Starting right now. I can do this.
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