Don DeLoach,Emil Berthelsen,Wael Elrifai

The Future of IoT

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The Future of IoT is written for executives and senior managers of both enterprise organizations and technology companies alike to better understand the progression of the Internet of Things; how and why the data from these systems is becoming the most important element of the equation, how to best leverage the data, and the opportunities that lie ahead for those who get it right. It guides the reader through how IoT has evolved from simple closed-loop alerting systems to ecosystems where the carefully orchestrated artifacts of the mountains of IoT data can drive insight and action previously unattainable. For leaders in any organization impacted by the Internet of Things, which is virtually any organization on Earth, this book provides clear insight into how to bolster their effectiveness and likely, their career and personal gratification. The book looks at the underpinnings of the technology world leading up to the Internet of Things, including advances in computing, storage, communications, and sensor technology, as well as the emergence of big data. It then examines certain considerations and impediments to IoT. The central thesis, developed fully in part three, looks at the importance of architecture and data primacy as a key element in leveraging the utility value of IoT data. Last, part four looks at some of the opportunities ahead for those who act to capitalize on these ideas. We worked together to write this book because we really believe that the Internet of Things, if leveraged effectively, not only will impact the bottom line of countless companies, but that it will truly change life on earth as we know it, both for those seeking economic advantages, and for those who, knowingly or not, will simply be able to live life better because of the Internet of Things.
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    Adri Syamsoeyadiцитирует3 года назад
    creating environments where their ideas can connect.”
    Дмитрий Лавренюкцитирует4 года назад
    And while privacy and security go hand in hand, and privacy is certainly a major consideration, in most organizations security of the data, and in fact, security of the physical assets of the organization, are generally a top priority.
    Дмитрий Лавренюкцитирует4 года назад
    It won’t be about faster, cheaper, and smaller computers in the year 2025; prediction and where we apply it will be the big story.

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