Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse

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Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? I wasn’t at first. But two chapters in I started fearing her and was not sure if I would ever make it through. going to be able to make it through the entire book. Maybe that whole modernist literature thing was simply not me. What I appreciate in literature are smart plots after all. And that’s what “To the Lighthouse” doesn’t offer at all.
But when I read more about the book, about Virginia Woolf, about her unique literary style of capturing what’s happening on the inside of her characters I decided to push reset and give it a new try. Now I’m glad I didn’t give up. The characters came alive. It’s a book about life, relationships and legacy. I admire how masterfully Virginia Woolf crafted her work. It’s definitely worth reading but it’s not an easy read.

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It's a woman's mind.
Beautifully crafted. The story is pleasant, talking about ironically enough, unpleasant topics. The book shows how utterly necessary closures are.

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